Check out the LANFest Rules

What to Bring:

  • Computer 
  • One Monitor – 32″ Max LCD
  • Network Cable. 30ft 
  • Headphones w/mic
  • Power cables
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse, Mouse pad
  • Chair – optional
  • Waiver. Download, print and sign waiver.
  • No Excuses – under 18 needs parental waiver signed
  • Software in case of crash!
  • Money for concessions
  • Dedicated game server – optional

What NOT to bring!

  • PETs – no animals of any kind!
  • Alcohol –  alcohol free event 
  • Laser pointers
  • Speakers
  • Weapons of any kind
  • NASs, SANs
  • Battery Backups
  • Bad attitudes – check these at the door
  • Viruses – Please scan your PC
  • Hubs, switches, routers, etc
  • Fans
  • Microwaves
  • Portable heaters

Things you need to know:
This is a BYOC, this means you bring your computer to the event to play.
This is an alcohol free event, please no alcohol in the event.
You are free to come and go at any time, there is other food in the area. If you have outside food, please be discrete.

Who Can Attend?
The event is open to the public. You will need to supply your computer and and entry fee. This covers the venue, insurance, power and network equipment. Attendees are asked to pre-register a seat.  The cost of the seat, if not paid for, will increase as it gets closer to the event.

Do I have to register online to attend?
It is recommended that you do so you have the seat you want, and so we know how many people are attending. If you do not pre-register and pay, you will end up paying more for registration the longer you wait.

What is BYOC?
BYOC is “Bring Your Own Computer” – We will provide tables, chairs (though you are welcome to bring your own), power, network. You will bring your computer that is ready to play your favorite games. Servers and an open network will be provided for gaming and other activities. (inbound streaming media “Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc” will not be allowed).

What should I bring?
You should bring yourself, your computer, a monitor and any peripherals you use. Speakers are not allowed, headphones only.

Beyond everything else, have fun and enjoy the experience. Please keep profanity, heckling and taunting to a minimum. Please respect your neighbor and the venue.

Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds on tickets. Please be sure you’re able to attend if you buy one! If something changes, you may resell your ticket to someone else.


PLEASE PLEASE DOWNLOAD and INSTALL everything BEFORE you head out to the EVENT.  Internet service is limited, but will be available for Steam Authentication and other gaming that require an internet connection.

Most of these games are available on STEAM or Blizzard!